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The Chaplin Awards, established by Kiera Chaplin, the granddaughter of Charles Chaplin, comprise two distinct honours:  Chaplin Awards and Golden Cane Awards. These accolades are conferred upon actors or filmmakers whose endeavours embody the qualities of realism, diversity, and courage that distinguished the craft of Charles Spencer Chaplin. Awardees are recognised for their exceptional contributions to the cinematic sphere, reflecting a career-long commitment to excellence. Our ongoing mission is to honour those who exemplify the illustrious attributes of Chaplin's legacy, expanding our reach to all continents and celebrating the luminaries of contemporary cinema.

This initiative reaffirms that language presents no obstacle to the universal appeal of Mr. Chaplin’s artistry. Whether through his beloved character, the tragic and comedic Tramp, who evokes both laughter and tears, or the thought-provoking portrayal of Hynkel, the Dictator of Tomania, which compels us to question the essence of humanity, the impact of Chaplin's work remains profound and enduring.

Kiera operates with support from the Chaplin Office in Paris, which represents all the Chaplin rights-holding companies and the Chaplin family. 

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